13 Tips For Having Sex During A Blizzard According To Dr. Ruth

A BuzzFeed exclusive.

BuzzFeed spoke to national treasure and sexual icon Dr. Ruth about having sex during a blizzard. Here’s what she told us!

1. “First of all, anybody who has a partner, stop complaining about the storm. Have a light dinner then go into bed. The light dinner is so you are not too tired for making love.”

2. “Since this is an unusual storm, try a position you’ve never tried before. Then you call it the ‘storm position.'”

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3. “Role-playing ideas: Make believe that you are on a boat in the middle of the ocean. The boat is rocking but it’s not dangerous, it’s just exciting.”

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4. “If you can, find a movie to watch and hold hands. While you watch the movie try to engage in some foreplay.”

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5. “Buuut before you do any of that, check in on your neighbors to see if they need something. This means you did a good deed, which should get you into a good mood.”

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6. “If you run out of lubricant, then you can use some butter instead.”

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7. “If you do not have a partner and live in an apartment building, go to the communal room and have a drink there. Other people are also lonely. Have a glass of tea or a drink. I’m not against one drink. Who knows who you’re going to meet?”


8. “If it’s a big building, go into the elevator and for the next 15 minutes ride the elevator up and down. Who knows who you’re going to find?”


9. “If those tips don’t work, here’s my secret to you: Take the phone off the hook, use a vibrator, and bring yourself to a fantastic orgasm.”

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10. “Many men don’t like the vibrations of the vibrator on their genitalia, so use the vibrator around the sides.”

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11. “Do not hook up with your roommate. I want people to be in relationships and not to use a roommate for sex just because you happen to be shut in by the storm.”

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12. “If you get stuck inside for days, you can keep it interesting by reading some sexually explicit material, by using some fantasy, and by enjoying the fact that you are together.”

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13. “Most importantly, do not have sex outside in this blizzard. Wait for springtime and get a tent.”

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If you have any more questions, follow the amazing Dr. Ruth on Twitter.

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/butter-as-lube

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