25 Photos Of Shadows That Tell A Different Story

Photography is all about the relationship between light and perspective, and nowhere is this made clearer than in these hilarious two-faced photos, where the subjects and the shadows that they cast tell two (often very different) stories.

With just the right perspective and just the right light at just the right time, one can easily create funny, mysterious or powerful photographs. With a good sense of perspective and an observant take on the world around you, you too can come up with some hilarious or artistic shadow photos. If you do, be sure to share them with us at the bottom of this post!

Source: allarmo.livejournal.com

Source: 9gag

Source: imgur

Source: script-tutorials.com

Image credits: Olly Denton

Source: imgur

Image credits: unknown

Image credits: Isaac Cordal

Source: imgur

Source: photohito.com

Image credits: Diana Susselman

Image credits: Stéphane Rousseau Officiel

Source: finofilipino.com

Image credits: unknown

Source: imgur

Source: funtoxin.com

Source: buzzfeed

Source: funnie.st

Source: imgur

Source: sharenator.com

Source: funtoxin.com

Image credits: morfai

The title says: “Vote for!” (Source: 9gag)

Source: board.jokeroo.com


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