A Photographer Found A Way To Make Plane Crash Wreckage Much Less Terrible.

Since last week, the world has been reeling from tragic loss Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. According to major news outlets, the civilian airliner was shot down by Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine while en route to Malaysia from the Netherlands. In this time of grief, photographer Dietmar Eckell’s latest series shows us that not every plane crash is a tragedy. Eckell spent the better part of three years traveling the globe in search of plane crashes in remote areas. He meticulously researched the location of each crash and picked those to photograph where there were no fatalities and everyone was rescued. “We hear enough about air disasters in the news so I didn’t feel the need to dramatize that in my photography,” said Eckell in an interview about his work. “Instead I wanted to give the viewer a positive ‘wow’ effect.”

West Sahara

West Sahara


When he’s not photographing the remains of airplanes, Eckell photographs abandoned areas and structures. If you thought these airplane pictures were the right combination of beautiful and creepy, wait until you see some of his other stuff.

(H/T: Wired) Stunningly beautiful. Don’t forget to share this post by clicking below.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/beautiful-plane-crashes/

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