A true friend request

A true friend request

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/v4tW6

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12 Responses to A true friend request

  1. TheSheepHerder says:

    This is beautifully true.

  2. singsongvoice says:

    I miss my pup

  3. MerryChristmasYaFilthyAnimal says:

    damn he’s got the triple threat.

  4. richman0610 says:

    As the image loaded, I thought, “Don’t be a dog, don’t be a dog,” then BAM right in the feels.

  5. ilikejucylucys says:

    1 person hates dogs, himself and life. . buck up son.

  6. UnluckyWrath says:

    What the hell kind of dog is that?!

  7. SicSemperTyrannis says:

    Did the dog’s nose throw anybody else off or was that just me?

  8. metalharvester says:

    Facebook is SOOOOOOOOO dumb.

  9. yadidamean says:

    mines right here, cleaning his paws and bopping me with his tail.

  10. CharlesCopley says:

    Not sure if beautiful or disturbing…

  11. hekks says:

    this made me get off the computer and play with my dog

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