Are These 20 People For Real? Somehow, Yes.

Have you ever met someone whose existence is so bizarre that you can’t help but question whether or not they’re even real? Maybe there’s a wacky uncle of yours or a random guy you saw planking on a tiger. No? Well, we’ll save you the trip to Walmart. Check out these actual human people who, somehow, are not figments of your imagination.

1. That doesn’t look like any homework I’ve ever done. In her defense, I’ve never done homework.

2. At least he’s not using a fork.

3. Maybe she was just having a crappy day?

4. Cheesin’ for no reason.

5. This reminds me: I should visit my grandma. We haven’t done a photo shoot like that in years.

6. So that’s what killed planking.

7. Please tell me he bought it there.

8. Something tells me this dance move isn’t the next Dougie.

9. He has my vote for president.

10. Koalahhhhhhh!

11. She’s going to have one heck of a photo shoot with her granddaughter.

12. My exact reaction to this list.

13. How are the people in the background not piling into that photo? You don’t get many opportunities to take a picture with a god.

14. Well, she is working the checkout counter.

15. I think I found Denim Flag Guy’s running mate.

16. Behold: The Wizard of Walmart.

17. You should she her cats pajamas.

18. All of that exercise and her computer is still thicker than yours.

19. O Canada.

20. You’re a wizard, bro!

(via: BuzzFeed) Phew! I’ve only dated half of these people. That’s a lot better than I thought. Share this post using the button below.

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