At last! Shirtless pic of FBI agent involved in Petraeus scandal emerges!/DailyIntel/status/269173941602500610

As Twitchy reported, the Petraeus/Broadwell love polygon took yet another tawdry turn when it was revealed that the FBI agent leading the investigation had sent shirtless pictures of himself to Jill Kelley, who had also received harassing emails from Paula Broadwell. The country’s curiosity was piqued, as is often the case when it comes to matters of shirtlessness.

Well, today, the long national wait is over; the shirtless photo has been revealed:

So, was it everything you’d hoped for? These folks didn’t think so:

This was the what the fuss was about? o.O RT @jallmendinger1 @moorehn here’s the shirtless FBI agent

— Ella Drake (@Lori_Ella) November 15, 2012

Nippleless RT @buzzfeedandrew Via the Seattle Times, here is the “shirtless photo” that the FBI agent sent Jill Kelley.…

— Eli Valley (@elivalley) November 15, 2012

#missingnipplegate MT @buzzfeedandrew Here is the “shirtless photo” that the FBI agent sent Jill Kelley.…

— chihiro (@lovingremixed) November 15, 2012

omg does the FBI remove people’s nipples?! RT @sllambe: FBI Agent’s shirtless photo surfaces.…

— Matt Bellassai (@MattBellassai) November 15, 2012

ahhh the “shirtless fbi guy” picture is such a non-salacious letdown

— siobhan k (@sibbsy) November 15, 2012

Too weird for words MT @buzzfeedandrew: Here is “shirtless photo” that the FBI agent sent Jill Kelley. h/t @gastropoda

— Ellen Comisar (@elesscom) November 15, 2012

Terrible pic. RT @buzzfeedandrew: Via the Seattle Times: the “shirtless photo” that the FBI agent sent Jill Kelley.…

— Kiah Lau Haslett (@khaslett) November 15, 2012

Eww. Just eww. @buzzfeedandrew Via the Seattle Times, here is the “shirtless photo” that FBI agent sent Jill Kelley.…

— LeishaC (@Leishac) November 15, 2012

Just sorta creepy RT @buzzfeed: O_O..the Seattle Times posted the “shirtless photo” that the FBI agent sent Jill Kelley…

— Lawscribe (@lawscribe) November 15, 2012

+1 MT @neda_semnani: Are there awards for worst shirtless pictures ever? I nominate 3. Weiner 2. Chris Lee and 1. FBI guy

— Kate Ackley Zeller (@kackleyZ) November 15, 2012

Which one is he? MT @buzzfeedandrew: Via the Seattle Times, here is the “shirtless FBI guy”, shirtless

— Not Scary Charles (@Ugarles) November 15, 2012

Had to look but regret doing so. RT @buzzfeedandrew: Via the Seattle Times,”shirtless photo”FBI agent sent Jill Kelley.…

— Lisa Manna(@LisaManna) November 15, 2012

the shirtless FBI agent photo is proof that entire Patraeus scandal is God trolling us in prep. for world’s end when does the rapture start

— hare checklist (@harechecklist) November 15, 2012

Can’t unsee RT @jess_mc weirder than expected. RT @dailyintel@seattletimes publishes the shirtless photo of FBI agent:

— Brian Beutler (@brianbeutler) November 15, 2012

Dear Shirtless FBI Agent: We thank you for your submission, but we have no plans for a ‘Men of the FBI’ calendar.#missingpetraeuscasememo

— jgerber (@sailorboyj) November 15, 2012



Evidently, the agent, Fred Humphries, also emailed the photo to a Seattle Times reporter in 2010:

The Seattle Times was able to obtain shirtless FBI photo because agent emailed it to one of their reporters –

— Matthew Keys (@TheMatthewKeys) November 15, 2012

The picture, which was sent to a reporter at The Seattle Times in 2010, was taken following a “hard workout” with the SWAT team at MacDill Air Force Base. He’s posed between a pair of target dummies that have a remarkable likeness to the buff agent. The caption on the photo, which was sent from a personal email account, reads, “Which One’s Fred?”

Oy. Nice going, shirtless FBI guy.

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