Bane and his little Batman

Bane and his little Batman

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14 Responses to Bane and his little Batman

  1. chinjared says:

    Might want to skip the oral though.

  2. iadd1toabsolutelyanything says:

    +1 for Tom Hardy <3ing kids

  3. ClonesInMyZone says:

    He is the hero Imgur deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

  4. Caprica says:

    Yet another reason to love Tom Hardy. I bet that little kid had the best day ever

  5. miasanmia says:

    The things I’d do to that man are legal in over 147 countries.

  6. alivewinter94 says:

    Imgurs best memes, are they your favorite?

  7. radioactionstar says:

    oh god this is too adorable. can’t even stand it.

  8. masreya3 says:

    He ISSSSS hot. Haha. Watch Warrior! 😀

  9. DutcgGorilla says: How is this???

  10. DutcgGorilla says: Another one, I hope it is to your liking.

  11. nanuen says:

    that sounds like a fun date 🙂 also what I imagine all imgurian dates to be like x)

  12. balthcat says:

    He first caught my eye in Inception. Minus the hair, he was hottt. (3 Ts)

  13. JoannaDelallo12 says:

    woww gorgeous image !!

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