Black Keys’ drummer spanks the Beliebers (but not literally)!/patrickcarney/status/301497586915868672

After Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney questioned Justin Bieber’s musical bona fides, Bieber tweeted that Carney should be “slapped around.”

Bieber’s 34 million followers were happy to oblige, but Carney has proved himself more than able to hold his own.

My twitter today has turned into a virtual Claire’s Accessories.

— Pat.r.ick (@patrickcarney) February 12, 2013

“what?”RT @bieberbaby259: @patrickcarney U admit it. Whoever “Patrick’ is Doesn’t even exit. You poor Dumbass 🙁

— Pat.r.ick (@patrickcarney) February 13, 2013

OKAY! RT @bungacllst: @patrickcarney hey old scary grandpa, FYI you are a bad drummer and YOU don’t deserve TO BE in the BAND, OKAY?

— Pat.r.ick (@patrickcarney) February 13, 2013

If you feel like it then please do.RT @euphoricbiebbs: @patrickcarney 95,000 followers. @justinbieber 34 million followers, need I say more?

— Pat.r.ick (@patrickcarney) February 13, 2013

I will and so will you one day. it’s kinda scary to think about isn’t it? RT @gomezisshining: @patrickcarney just die.. DIE

— Pat.r.ick (@patrickcarney) February 13, 2013

good one bud RT @conner_p_kelley: @patrickcarney hey man, are you considering coming out any time soon? Those glasses aren’t fooling anyone.

— Pat.r.ick (@patrickcarney) February 12, 2013


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