Cat attacking large potato.

Cat attacking large potato.

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7 Responses to Cat attacking large potato.

  1. firstworldproblems87 says:

    Entertained imgurian submitting comment

  2. IrrelevantButPlausibleConspiracyTheories says:

    Filmed potato with potato: potatoception.

  3. TheGuineaPigTimeLord says:

    Not quite sure if spastically bouncing around counts as “attacking.” But it certainly qualifies as “adorable.”

  4. ZoidbergListeningToLemmy says:

    That is one fearsome attack!

  5. dogapult says:

    their tops are made outta rubber! their bottoms are made outta springs!

  6. Gwahzable says:

    ‘Da faqs this! Da faqs that! Shit shit shit shit die!’

  7. Splaat says:

    There’s more than one way to skin a potato.

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