CDC director: The enemy is a virus, not a person, community or country

The man who was the first person to ever be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, Thomas Duncan, died from the disease today in Dallas after having traveled to the country from Liberia.

CDC Director Tom Frieden has claimed that travel bans to and from countries with Ebola outbreaks could worsen the epidemic. And besides, the problem isn’t really with people:

We together can stop the #Ebola virus & should always keep in mind that the enemy is a virus, not people, countries, communities #CDCChat

— Dr. Tom Frieden (@DrFriedenCDC) October 8, 2014

Hopefully the virus will be unable to survive prolonged exposure to PC.

@DrFriedenCDC @HHSGov Stupid comment! Virus is not people, I got that. But PEOPLE have the virus. The virus does not get on planes alone.

— MICHAEL HARRIS (@mlharrisfl) October 8, 2014

Now there’s a fair point.


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