“Come closer sis!”

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/GWTufx4

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16 Responses to “Come closer sis!”

  1. MongolianBeerFart says:

    Jesus, guys got some strong lil’ arms

  2. dangercats says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p09hhXbsB9c <--Open me in a new tab. Let your internal brain dialogue do the rest.

  3. TwinkleTwinkleLittleShit says:
  4. henriksen1 says:

    I’ll never let go Jack.

  5. whitekidslikekoolaidtoo says:

    Reelin in the bitches

  6. tryingmybest says:

    why dis kid look like he pay taxes

  7. phosporus says:

    Yeah. His technique is strangly enough pretty good. Wouldn’t be supprised he becomes some kind strongman later in his life.

  8. Esoj13 says:


  9. JeEbiZ says:

    What is in the food we feed our kids these days?!

  10. HagridsToe says:

    who needs leg day!

  11. Ilieaboutphotoshop says:

    You’re not only weak you can’t speak English. *than I am I MOCK YOU!

  12. jvjanisse says:

    Most babies/young children have what seem to be disproportionate upper body strength. If you want to freak someone out you can pick your 1/2

  13. jvjanisse says:

    child up by the ears, make sure to tell him to act like it hurts, but to pick himself up by placing his hands on your arms.

  14. ThatGuyVinny says:

    That cot is very well designed to not topple over with that form of force. Color me impressed

  15. WhimsicalTallMan says:

    u mirin?

  16. Ilieaboutphotoshop says:

    Man I was just kidding around. But your username sure checks out!

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