Concise Abstract

Concise Abstract

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17 Responses to Concise Abstract

  1. sassass says:

    This is not the abstract we deserve, but the abstract we need.

  2. LookAPanther says:

    Honest too.

  3. MenOnlySeeBasicColours says:

    This is beyond sausage to me.

  4. kayleigh666 says:

    Instructions unclear.

  5. Gurrr18 says:

    Ya….I know some of these words

  6. ItalianStallions says:

    I understood 2 of those words

  7. falcnation23 says:

    I always love when an article has an abstract, that way I don’t have to read it

  8. ruleofgondorismineandnoothers says:


  9. chemistrydoc says:

    When people say, “I have it down to a science”. I ask them if they mean that it is frustrating, rarely works, and costs lots of money

  10. CunnilingusSpecialist says:

    TL;DR Physics stuff you don’t know about

  11. Mankiwi says:


  12. ImGonnaBoopYou says:


  13. Sprinkleton says:

    Ah yes. Science. Of course.

  14. penelope30 says:

    As a neutrino-physicist, I respectfully disagree

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