***Dadding Intensifies***

***Dadding Intensifies***

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/PoF8Ag3

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8 Responses to ***Dadding Intensifies***

  1. SaddestLittleRabbit says:

    I’d like to imagine that is exactly how that conversation happens.

  2. 100percent200proofColombian says:

    “no you’re not”.

  3. Kittycakesnugglebutt says:

    This is perfect.

  4. ljdarten says:

    when you have a toddler every silly thing you say is hilarious to them, you get in a habit and it continues to the teens where it annoys

  5. madinno0729 says:

    Pft. My response was “*gasp* No!”

  6. AlwaysEatingAlmonds says:

    I laughed until I coughed. +1

  7. KingoftheHorseflies says:

    “Dad, I’m pregnant.” “Hi pregnant, I’m Dad.”

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