Detroit reporter makes incest joke in light of West Virginia chemical spill!/Zlatimeyer/status/422940415554121728

What sort of joke would a Detroit Free Press reporter make about a chemical spill that has left hundreds of thousands of West Virginians trying to make do without tap water? This sort.!/michellemalkin/status/422949851836329984

We know that Detroit is financially bankrupt, but come on.!/GFCoyle/status/422941714815680512!/BryanBumgardner/status/422948213167886337!/DustyHoylman/status/422953972396068865!/Mountaineers22/status/422953556929286145!/demkeJN/status/422934439149051904

At least she deleted the tweet.!/iamchrisblake/status/422934203731173376

* * *


Detroit Free Press assistant managing editor Stefanie Murray responds.!/michellemalkin/status/422971177309437952

We’d say this was premature:!/StefanieMurray/status/421323791172923393

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