Don't bump the table.

Don't bump the table.

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6 Responses to Don't bump the table.

  1. LeafGreenLPs says:

    Nice repost you got there.

  2. ImaSwiffernotamop says:

    The “jenga” is upside down on a lot of the pieces…my OCD will kill me one of these sure of it.

  3. ECwithTwoUnderlines says:

    SHIT IS STILL REAL. Again and again, this will be real forever.

  4. TomorrowsProcrastinator says:

    I like the way the electricity around the edge makes the woman to right look like she has a lightning ‘tash.

  5. Volcaetis says:

    I was always a jerk when I played Jenga, and I’d immediately take out two pieces on the very bottom of the tower.

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