Geraldo: Ever notice how many gun nuts are ‘birthers and 9/11 truthers’?!/GeraldoRivera/status/288813044593745920

Hey, Geraldo, ever notice how many anti-gun zealots are giant douchebags who threatened to spit on a woman, referred to Ambassador Stevens as “dead dude”, and scrambled to find a generator to save his koi pond when people had no power to heat their homes after Sandy?

Sure, we realize we’re using a sample size of one: Geraldo Rivera. But if Geraldo can use the fringe rantings of professional conspiracy-monger Alex Jones to tar defenders of the Second Amendment, we’re pretty sure it’s a-OK to lump all gun-grabbers in with Geraldo. That’s how it works, right?

Exit question: When did Geraldo decide he was no longer 9/11 truth-curious?


Twitchy readers respond to Geraldo’s “ever notice” douchebaggery.

@twitchyteam ever notice how many gun control nuts havent read the constitution

— Belell Kaeh (@BelellKaeh) January 9, 2013

@twitchyteam Notice how many people open their mouths about gun control now have armed Protection??

— Donna Lee (@notsoamused128) January 9, 2013

@twitchyteam ever notice how many investigative journalists are sensationalist liberals?

— Jimmy W Walker (@JimmyWWalker) January 9, 2013

@twitchyteam ever notice how liberals are constantly chipping away at our freedoms?? Geraldo has taken too many chairs to the head

— 1787Again (@1787Again) January 9, 2013

@twitchyteam Ever notice how many air head, limo liberals can’t read the U.S. Constitution?

— Miquel Cervantes (@Mike63869007) January 9, 2013

And zing!

@twitchyteam Poor Geraldo’s arguments are as empty as Al Capone’s secret vaults.

— Scott Amacker (@scottamacker) January 9, 2013

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