Getting Shot Is Apparently No Big Deal. These 15 People Were Totally Fine.

Being famous isn’t easy, and neither is getting shot. These 15 celebrities and famous/historical figures managed to do both and survive. Say what you will about the careers and politics of the people on this list, but you’ve got to at least give them credit for that.

1.) 50 Cent.

Back in 2000, the now famous rapper was shot nine times in New York City outside of his grandmother’s house.

2.) Brandon Call.

The Step By Step star was the victim of seemingly random shooting in 1996. He was shot in both arms.

3.) Akon.

In 2005 the Senegalese-American musician was the victim of a drive-by shooting. Akon escaped with minor injuries, but his manager Robert Montanez was killed in the attack.

4.) Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

This Wu-Tang Clan member has been shot twice and survived. Once in 1994 after an argument, and again in 1998 during a home invasion.

5.) Ronald Reagan.

Former President Reagan was the target of an attempted assassination back in 1981. The bullet barely missed his heart. 

6.) Greg LeMond.

The three time Tour de France winner, LeMond was seriously in 1987 during a hunting accident. He was shot by his brother-in-law.

7.) Vladimir Lenin.

The first leader of the Soviet Union survived two assassination attempts in 1918. 

8.) Pope John Paul II.

A Turkish man tried to kill the Pope in 1981 as he was headed to St. Peter’s Square. Pope John Paul II survived. 

9.) Theodore Roosevelt.

The 26th president of the United States was shot in the chest on the way to deliver a speech. Luckily he had the 50 page speech in his jacket pocket along with his steel glasses case. The bullet still went through them both, but Roosevelt insisted on delivering his speech that night.

10.) Bob Marley.

During a home invasion in 1976 Marley received a gun shot wound, but survived.

11.) Andy Warhol.

A radical feminist writer attempted to kill Warhol in 1968 after he did not respond to a movie script she had sent him. He survived but was required to wear a corset for the rest of his life. This was to prevent his injuries from getting any worse.

12.) Isaiah Washington.

The Grey’s Anatomy star was shot during his youth. He said he had been “popping his mouth to the wrong person.”

13.) Larry Flynt.

The founder of Hustler magazine was shot by a white supremacist in 1978. The gunman said he was outraged by interracial photos in Flynt’s adult magazine. Flynt survived, but is now wheelchair bound.

14.) Garrett Morris.

This comedian and Saturday Night Live star was shot during a robbery in 1994. Apparently the robber was beat up in prison by some inmates that are fans of his.

15.) Vanilla Ice.

Before he became famous, Vanilla Ice took a bullet during a street fight. 

(Via: Full Punch)

Alright fine! I will now begrudgingly show Vanilla Ice a little more respect every time “Ice Ice” baby comes on the radio. Share these amazing stories of celebrities’ close calls with death by clicking below. 

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