Goats playing “the floor is lava” on a donkey.

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/iKNPvG5

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17 Responses to Goats playing “the floor is lava” on a donkey.

  1. tarataqa says:

    Here are Goats playing “the floor is lava” on a donkey…Your argument is invalid!

  2. DICKCAMELOT says:

    You’re fucking right it is!

  3. tarataqa says:

    “ass kids” teehee!

  4. Zacflame says:

    Kids these days…

  5. smashpro1 says:

    Just kidding around.

  6. CutOffHisManhoodAndFeedItToTheGoats says:


  7. Swolebro says:

    Damn kids, give that mom a break

  8. TheosaurusRx says:

    Actual goats.

  9. digitalnative00 says:

    Love Oberhasli’s, but I’m not sure about that Nigerian Dwarf / Obe cross in the back D:

  10. TheSkyGirl says:


  11. edwardoglabicki says:

    Didn’t work as well when I tried it…

  12. TheWalkinDude says:

    They’re on the ass….of that ass…..assception!

  13. siler7 says:

    kids always climbing my ass about something

  14. TheBlindPhotographer says:

    2 goat posts in a row!

  15. Boatingman says:

    They’re saying to each other, “Damn, somebody already pinned the tail on it.”

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