good guy baseball fan

good guy baseball fan

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6 Responses to good guy baseball fan

  1. GrizzlyBearMachineGuns says:

    That man must have hands of steel.

  2. WillJeSuis says:

    Superhero by night, Superhero by day.

  3. ArniePye says:

    I.. haave.. THE POOWWWEER! He-man.

  4. ShortGiant says:

    Fine, then. There are ~80mil net people gained per year, which would put us at 7.286 billion, which is still nowhere near 8.

  5. brap says:

    This woman has been my hero since it happened. Screw kids, little whiners.

  6. XeMo says:

    And he just got laid by every chick here. Worth it.

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