Google Earth view of the Arizona Airplane Boneyard

Google Earth view of the Arizona Airplane Boneyard

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19 Responses to Google Earth view of the Arizona Airplane Boneyard

  1. Avengur says:

    Most of those could be recommissioned to go blow the fuck out of people. ‘Cause ‘Murica.

  2. theaddictedimageviewer says:

    Well that’s just plane cool.

  3. Chrizzen says:

    I always thought AZ was a little plane

  4. DreamingInsomniac says:

    As an Irish person. I have no idea what this is

  5. WeedlordBonerLover69 says:

    they do.

  6. thedownvotefairyisahorriblespecies says:

    They most likely do, as soon as there are no more spare parts or possible other use of the plane.

  7. thisisthehardestdecisionofmylife says:

    Dat zoom

  8. lerepubliquedefronce says:

    10/10 would elude Makarov’s men in.

  9. Avengur says:

    Indirectly helping us go blow the fuck out of people. Sad, but still pretty epic.

  10. StarryPlough says:

    A step up from your average soldier then

  11. Slaan says:

    Wait, I thought that was what they were doing now?

  12. FoxyMcJazzer says:

    And of course this is only a part of how many planes are actually there. AMERICA!

  13. donnaalldd says:

    I’m not sure if top comment is serious but a lot of these are broken I def. I’ve been there for the b52s to cann parts

  14. hakunamatatathisnutz says:

    Located in Tucson,AZ, woooot wooooot, BEAR DOWNNNN

  15. hakunamatatathisnutz says:

    I live there 😀

  16. ktlynfrnssn says:


  17. topbadcomment says:


  18. SlippySlappy says:

    thats what I was thinking. such a fucking waste

  19. WellWhyTheHeckNot says:

    C17s, really? Why such a new aircraft?

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