Hamas military wing celebrates victory over Israel with missile cake


As Twitchy reported, what most of the world called a brokered cease-fire between Hamas and the Israel Defense Force was celebrated by the Al Qassam Brigade as Israel’s surrender. Recent tweets from Al Qassam have led some to question the age of the person behind the keyboard, and this photo of a missile-themed victory cake isn’t likely to help matters.

Followers were anxious to dig in … to Hamas.

@alqassambrigade hahahahuhuhihihihaha #Palestinians #Gaza #ShaleStones

— WebJudaica.Com.Br (@webjudaica) November 24, 2012

@alqassambrigade You are a joke.

— Maffi (@TheMaffster) November 24, 2012

Poisoning zionists with foul cake new tactic #Hamas RT @alqassambrigade twitter.com/AlqassamBrigad…

— JonathanSlitinsky (@JSlitinsky) November 24, 2012

@alqassambrigade Is that one that was fired from under a woman’s skirts or behind a child?

— Kent Vig (@VigKent) November 23, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/11/23/hamas-military-wing-celebrates-victory-over-israel-with-sketchy-looking-missile-cake/

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