Has this been a problem before?

Has this been a problem before?

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/1Vzs1

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13 Responses to Has this been a problem before?

  1. utgort says:

    They need a chocolate flavored condom.

  2. bobdeane says:

    I bet it said this on the Trojan horse.

  3. DanceComander says:

    Every time my bf goes to the store and buys magnums, the female cashiers look at him, then at me, and blush. It’s absolutely hilarious.

  4. numbertenox says:

    Premium lubricant. You know, as opposed to just plain old lubricant.

  5. ericReeses says:

    I just wanted to put my dick in this to see how many people it feeds

  6. DarthAegon says:

    I just have this awful image a guy putting on a condom in aisle.. *Sutter*

  7. ImakeBetterlazerSounds says:

    As long as I don’t return it why can’t I try it on?

  8. Gritsaregood says:

    6 bucks for three condoms! Sex is getting expensive these days!

  9. gracefulbacon says:

    take them home and discover that magnum was a size, not just a brand name. Kind of awkward when they ask you why you’re returning the item.

  10. AllOfTheShortUserNamesWereTaken says:


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