Here Are Some INSANE Optical Illusions. Your Eyes Can No Longer Be Trusted. Shhh… They’re Watching.

It’s hard to find words to describe these photos. Here are 25 amazing optical illusions that will twist your brain and make you question reality.

1.) A bug pretending to be a mini dinosaur.

2.) A professor wearing a blackboard colored hat.

3.) I would try to eat that, but it’s actually a rock not a potato.

4.) Natural camouflage.

5.) Only in London. Maybe…

6.) Smoking and drinking at the same time? No one is that talented.

7.) This is actually just one photo. I know my head hurts too.

8.) Bad choice of dress considering the backdrop.

9.) Natural violin landscape.

10.) Such perfect alignment. Wow.

11.) Nope. Nope. Nope. Just nope.

12.) Not the hairstyle I would expect.

13.) I’ll give you a minute to pick your jaw up off the ground.

14.) Well that’s a bit awkward.

15.) This would make me do a double take.

16.) Seriously, flip this image around at your own risk.

17.) Can you figure out what’s going on here?

18.) He’s not as flexible as he might seem.

19.) The transformation into dog-man has begun.

20.) The opening scene to the greatest movie ever.

21.) Three legs?! But not really. Almost had me there.

22.) Amazing.

23.) Can you spot the wall in this pictures? It’s the “lake.”

24.) Excellent wardrobe selection.

25.) “Luke I am your tea strainer.”

(via: Buzzfeed) I’m need an aspirin after that. Don’t forget to share these crazy illusions with your friends by clicking below.

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