Here’s why Rob Lowe thinks retiring Jay Carney’s timing ‘is impeccable’!/JamBattJourno/status/473985123486928897

Obama spokesclown Jay Carney is bidding farewell to the White House later this month. He claims he’s resigning at least in part to spend more time with his family, but there might be a lot more to it than that:!/RBPundit/status/474641678369054721

It sounds like actor Rob Lowe, who himself spent quite a bit of time in “The West Wing,” might have a similar theory:!/RobLowe/status/473983797298360321

Considering that Carney’s spent the last several years in the midst of a seemingly endless parade of scandals and fiascos, we can kind of understand why he might want to head for the hills.!/secondbaseman/status/473985642041331712

He’s definitely not the sharpest tool in the drawer, but in this case, he at least had enough sense to get out before the White House of Cards collapses completely.!/laura_lrnzo/status/474000902651527168



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