Hot pie's skills improve – before and after

 Hot pie's skills improve - before and after

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18 Responses to Hot pie's skills improve – before and after

  1. homemadecookies says:

    +1 for catching that one!

  2. LoneDirewolf says:

    Not enough direwolves

  3. SneakyBoner says:

    I just want a normal cookie.

  4. Dunes8 says:

    That dough doe.

  5. penguininatophat says:

    I’m more about quantity than quality in this case.

  6. rattlebone10 says:


  7. Maradiaga says:

    Carne asada burrito, with cheese!

  8. HeWhoPours says:

    Somethin’ like that, my friend

  9. MichaelJordanAsHimselfInSpaceJam says:

    Carne asada, no question.

  10. AnarchyBurger666 says:

    Great Thanks for the spoiler! Now I know that Pie is going to be in this episode!

  11. BostonBomber says:

    Are you in a cave?

  12. Guest02384 says:

    There’s no such thing as “too soon,” only “not funny enough”

  13. am0k says:

    At least it isn’t Pokemon.

  14. WNW3 says:

    I’m on the hunt, I’m after you…

  15. SihayaOfTheAllPowerfulMeh says:

    Hot Pie’s reappearance made me so happy

  16. IncrediblyRudeIndividual says:

    pretty sure at GoTs level of development, sugar is worth its weight in silver

  17. jonnygreen22 says:

    Turns out he was the illegitimate son of Stannis Baratheon

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