How A Simple Tree Became One Of The Best Things I’ve Ever Seen. Seriously, Amazing.

Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez aren’t like most normal couples. Instead of fantasizing about their perfect house, they fantasized about their perfect tree house. They came up with the brilliant idea for their Wisconsin estate when they realized one of their favorite trees was dying. Tereasa’s father christened their new home by hanging a rope swing on a giant elm… but the tree had Dutch elm disease.

So, Tereasa and David decided that their tree house should finally be built.

Not only that, but they were going to build their grown-up-kid’s playground on their dying, favorite tree.

The pair got a group of carpenters and designers together to work on the tree.

It wasn’t long before things began to take shape.

It started out as an idea for a tree house like a little kid’s…

But it turned into something MUCH bigger.

They chose reclaimed wood and vintage hardware for the tree house (or “house that just so happens to be in a tree”).

It’s full of little nooks and crannies.

Complete with the remaining healthy limbs poking out here and there.

It’s truly an adult’s playhouse.

Not to mention a work of art.

Plus, Tereasa’s father’s rope swing still hangs from his favorite tree.

It takes a heck of a lot of carpentry skills and money to create a tree house like this one, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace your OWN childish dreams! Source

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