I always upvote serious ass.

I always upvote serious ass.

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/FS3ZSE7

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13 Responses to I always upvote serious ass.

  1. Wemustexterminatethehipsters says:

    I’m doing this to mine, +1

  2. yeppoon says:

    You drink your ass juice like your daddy wants you too +1

  3. imreallybored says:

    I like your dad.

  4. captainawesomesauce says:

    One of the really fun parts about being a parent… Trolling your kids

  5. JAPONfan says:

    Do you even squat?

  6. fyaycr says:

    men don’t grow up, they just get older

  7. Simon23259 says:

    My Dad is 60 and he blacked out the ‘S’ on Snackers…

  8. sweetsinfulcharm says:

    Your dad is magnificent

  9. houpbajoup says:

    Beefcake! BEEFCAAAAKE!

  10. Accord3000 says:

    Weight gain 4000? Beefcake!!!!!

  11. coolfield7 says:

    We dudes will never grow up.

  12. thebravelittlenublet says:


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