I knitted a hat that looks like hair!

I knitted a hat that looks like hair!

I knitted a hat that looks like hair!

I knitted a hat that looks like hair!

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/WXRjg

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18 Responses to I knitted a hat that looks like hair!

  1. TheBrowserFormerlyKnownAsHelbereth says:

    Ginger cosplay?

  2. TalkingHeads says:

    ……will you go out with me?

  3. NeedACussinUsername says:

    If your shirt was tighter you might get more upvotes.

  4. NuckFuggets says:

    Those blinds/window covers tell me some serious shit must go on in your room.

  5. KickinItOldSchool says:

    One in the stink?

  6. earthbender says:

    Where’s the hat?

  7. N1ck7689 says:

    You purdy lol

  8. YouTalkFunny says:

    I love you.

  9. FuckJoePaterno says:

    I hate to break it to you, but these actually look like hats. No one would confused these for hair.

  10. everythinguselessonthenet says:

    Beautiful(plus nice body), now where can I order one of this?

  11. delaforet says:

    Thank you.. I appreciate that at least one person out there is understanding.

  12. SoapyTitWank says:

    Spend some time on tumblr/reddit/imgur/etc and you will find that the statement ‘Nobody seems to know how to any more’ is not at all true.

  13. SoapyTitWank says:

    Hell, I know five people that knit. So, yeah, I know what you were saying, and I’m saying it’s wrong.

  14. tanazaki says:

    I understand, I had some guy say he’d ‘hit that with a hammer’ on one of my pictures then continued with ‘the hammer is my dick’

  15. delaforet says:

    Well, I guess a girl who wears a short skirt at night should be smart enough to know she’s gonna get raped, huh?

  16. delaforet says:

    Ugh. I’m not going to reply to you anymore, but I know others will read your comments and feel the same as I do.

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