I urge you to NOT like this… :)

I urge you to NOT like this... :)

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/oOruE

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10 Responses to I urge you to NOT like this… :)

  1. homer15 says:

    i downvoted it and now i hate myself.

  2. olivortex says:

    Virginie Ledoyen!

  3. LordChancellorOfBacon says:

    I lol’d

  4. Catswinwars says:


  5. Nu773r says:

    CAPTION “Sorry my bad”

  6. Nu773r says:

    Dont hate yourself. Just upvote everyone else that will make it all better!

  7. petronius says:

    Would certainly break the midday office monotony.

  8. toleaz says:

    I didn’t know tummy shirts were allowed.

  9. zaaneek says:

    Annnnnnnnnd done.

  10. iwassix says:

    um for science, what movie is this

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