I'd be surprised too..

I'd be surprised too..

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/ewxdU

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13 Responses to I'd be surprised too..

  1. LangdonAlger says:

    This picture will not go over well when they’re both teenagers. Trust me.

  2. FuckYourSentimentalBullshit says:

    Those fuck-trophies really go well together.

  3. GoogleFucker says:

    Oh God, my day is made. Fuck trophies. My new favorite phrase.

  4. Nite4awk says:

    right? -_-

  5. FuckYourSentimentalBullshit says:

    Then you’re going to love this, googlefucker: http://imgur.com/gallery/R7m85

  6. IfHavingALongUsernameIsCoolConsiderMeMilesDavis says:

    I am disappointed about how far down your bookmarks bar Imgur is.

  7. ChinaChinaPrimePrime says:

    trying to restore the balance. +1 for all!

  8. kaIIe says:

    Plan for one, get two instead.

  9. MusicalTheatre says:

    Yes, but after the birth, how could a parent label one as one and the other as another? blahh

  10. WilsonTheVolleyball says:

    K.G. and J.B….the early years.

  11. FuckYourSentimentalBullshit says:

    If people really wanted to help, they’d upvote all of the wrongly downvoted comments.

  12. nGooch says:

    but they did! just see chickengood’s comment if you’re doubtful

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