Irresponsible dumbledore

Irresponsible dumbledore

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18 Responses to Irresponsible dumbledore

  1. LtDanIceCream says:

    It’s cool, he dies later anyway.

  2. rieldeal77 says:

    Dumbledon’t play no shit

  3. mammasteph says:

    I’m not feeling witty. Or maybe I’m not drunk, yet.

  4. Sreds says:

    Just noticed Hagrid. LOL

  5. TheGiantTortoiseTookSoLongToNameBecauseItsDelicious says:

    But where did his glasses go?

  6. antanas says:

    yer a dumpster baby

  7. PolarBearsRule says:

    Hurray Alcohol!!!

  8. Scalibrine says:


  9. scotchbandit says:

    Ha! Didn’t even notice Hagrid at first.

  10. kaliaia says:

    Hagrid in the second frame, i died.

  11. haiku120 says:

    Is that a window or a giant man?..

  12. saui18 says:

    You’re an orphan Harry!

  13. EddieGluskin says:


  14. YoureDrunkYoureHigh says:

    I’m loving the appropriate sizing of Hagrid in this picture

  15. 50shadesofgoat says:


  16. xenathewarriorprincesswashot says:

    Hey you just gave birth to me, and this is crazy, So dump me maybe?

  17. Spurt says:

    Don’t ruin Harry Potter with dumb ass comics like this one.

  18. enzymyx says:

    Took a while to realize Hagrid was in the second picture…

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