It has nothing to do with health

It has nothing to do with health

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20 Responses to It has nothing to do with health

  1. ummakynes says:

    Chicks, man.

  2. buuuuuuuurrrrrrppp says:


  3. Wemustexterminatethehipsters says:

    Either way, you’re making the right choice

  4. applesmurfen says:

    Best. Reason. EVER!

  5. AudleyEnuff says:

    What’s wrong with that OP?

  6. DudeMcDude says:

    A healthy sex life is important to a person’s well-being, so technically…

  7. TooWeirdToLiveTooRareToDie says:

    I lost some weight myself. I could look like a Greek god and still not be satisfied. So much for making me feel good.

  8. RememberNovember says:

    I’ve seen this before. But if it was an original thought…. good for you. I just use chloroform.

  9. MatrimCauthonFTW says:

    just don’t tell the girls that and you are good to go

  10. CallMeInsomniaBecauseImNotIntoResting says:

    I’m not obese. But I am fat around the mid. Want to get rid of it so bad 🙁

  11. MrWolfwood says:

    Other reasons “I could feel my heart beat inthe back of my eye balls”

  12. TheNewOldFastSlow says:

    You’ll attract a better mate. That’s not a bad thing. Welcome to “how life works 101”.

  13. Fatassfrodo says:

    Aren’t we all Op aren’t we all.

  14. iceburglettuce says:

    no carbs , as a fat guy that tried stuff , no carbs really works the best , that and exercise

  15. FoxBroadcasting says:

    Banging hot chicks is the only reason I do anything. Or getting hot dudes to suck my dick. But I only let the dudes suck my dick, no homo.

  16. BootyFillah says:

    I appreciate the honesty. Good luck with the bangin’ of hot chicks!

  17. TheLegendarySuperStrayan says:

    Educate yourself on nutrition friend 🙂 makes all the difference with a bit of exercise

  18. CallMeInsomniaBecauseImNotIntoResting says:

    No carbs at all? Thought you need complex so you can keep energy. rather than burning out on sugars

  19. Yaysuz says:

    We all do. But we’re lazy.

  20. iceburglettuce says:

    dont know the science but for me that worked the best , and theres no bs with it , you eat like you usually would just no carbs

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