It’s Bad Enough When Kids Ruin Trivial Things, But These Stories Are Way, Way Worse

No matter how much parents love their kids, they can’t deny that their little ones sometimes turn into tiny demons who are hell bent on destroying everything in their path.

If you have children, you’ve probably had to deal with some of your favorite possessions getting lost, broken, or completely trashed. The parents of the kids below definitely feel your pain…just on a much larger scale. When asked what was the most valuable thing ever ruined by their children, these 15 parents shared some truly horrible stories.

1. “When I was a kid, my mother lost her diamond wedding ring. She was devastated. A decade later, while cleaning things up for a garage sale, we found it jammed in the toilet of my Barbie house.”

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2. “My eye. When she was six months old, she was sitting in my lap playing with some toy. She suddenly got really excited and flailed her arms up. Her fingernail dug deep into my eye. Three surgeries later, I still can barely see out of that eye, and it’s visibly screwed up too.”

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3. “The stereo in our minivan quit working. After a little troubleshooting, we found 25 pennies shoved in the CD slot.”

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4. “We had a 90g salt water tank with easily upwards of $3k worth of coral and fish. I went to work a night shift and my son unplugged everything for the night. My husband didn’t notice. Everything was dead in the morning, and the house smelled lovely.”

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5. “My sister told my brother ‘want to see me throw a match in this trash can?’ My brother ignored her. She did it anyway and burned down the house.”

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6. “Our brand new flat screen TV. He was two and threw his toy truck at it…obliterated. Never wanted to disown him more than in that moment…”

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