I've been waiting 8 years but a month ago I finally got my dream dog!

I've been waiting 8 years but a month ago I finally got my dream dog!

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/TCNWSpz

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20 Responses to I've been waiting 8 years but a month ago I finally got my dream dog!

  1. YouDontSeeMe says:

    He seems pleased as well

  2. topherdude says:

    “Dream doog! Dream dooog!” – Steven Tyler

  3. pilobolus says:

    “Imma shit all over this carpet.” – Dream dog

  4. AlltheAnswers says:

    Well, then, give him eight years worth of hugs right now.

  5. HelloKarol says:

    “a month ago I got my dream human!”

  6. chemistrydoc says:

    Was he your dream dog because he matches your carpet? I mean, the match is pretty good, but I’ve seen better dog/carpet matches in my day.

  7. LordPuffington says:

    1/2 So, does nobody care that Rand Paul filibustered for close to 13 hours to get the administration to admit they won’t kill Americans on

  8. rdb2011 says:

    OP you and I have the same dream dog…+1

  9. LordPuffington says:

    2/2 US soil without due process? I have seen very little news on it and it was amazing to watch it happen.

  10. tossingEwoksIntoLakesOfMethane says:

    don’t get me wrong, i like the dog and feel like you’ll take good care of him, but … 8 years? ‘dream’ dog?

  11. notalawyer says:

    Congrats, now love him and walk him often. He looks like a great best friend.

  12. SweetBabyJesus says:

    Damn, that blonde bitch is fine.

  13. ScurvyTookMeParrot says:

    No, OP. You got MY dream dog. Give it back.

  14. DracoMalfoy828 says:

    Agreed. It’s great to see someone stand up for personal liberties.

  15. CaptainAsshole says:

    Ah yes, the dog that can sit on carpet. Difficult to find.

  16. greazysteak says:

    the smile seems a little fake. he needs to work on that

  17. tossingEwoksIntoLakesOfMethane says:

    is that all? i made it till after midnight and thought he’d make it til morning. the direction of this is all very disturbing to me.

  18. tossingEwoksIntoLakesOfMethane says:

    … but you can’t deny that the dog is adorable.

  19. RobbStarkKingInTheNorth says:

    They say money can’t buy you friends. But it can buy you your best friend

  20. tossingEwoksIntoLakesOfMethane says:

    i lol’d.

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