Media mostly AWOL from ‘Million Vets March’ story, with one glaring exception!/KurtSchlichter/status/389486839825846272

There was a lot going on in Washington, D.C., today at the “Million Vets March.” However, you’d have been hard pressed to find very many “real journalists” in the mainstream media providing any coverage:!/billhobbs/status/389401552114302976!/andrewbcreech/status/389404551474077697!/AGCRET1984/status/389403946713755648

Well, we shouldn’t say some in the media weren’t providing any coverage, because some “real reporters” did manage to use all their skills to sniff out a single attendee who stuck out like a sore thumb:!/davidfrum/status/389453409251627008

Notice how Salon not-so-artfully turned that one guy into the entire crowd:!/Salon/status/389469768690188288

Salon’s little trick there was fairly obvious:!/cjciaramella/status/389470452839895040


The odds are better than average that for many reasons, the “Million Vet March” will be reported in the mainstream press as “Confederate flag” and little more.!/BenHowe/status/389476561336152064

The identity or even affiliation of the person with the confederate flag isn’t known, and chances are the mainstream press won’t be curious in the least, because if it were to turn out the person was a plant of some sort it would ruin the narrative. However, maybe a story about irony is in order:!/OrwellForce/status/389481547763810304

We’ll let the MSM answer this one, and enjoy the cricket sounds until they do:!/anthropocon/status/389481959715799040

Finally, here’s something for organizers to remember if there’s a “Million Vets March” sequel:!/ExJon/status/389481673919721473


One unidentified moron showed up with a confederate flag, so if the press is planning to insinuate most of the crowd showed up only because they hate Obama and not because they love their country and want to keep its memorials open, let them demonstrate a little courage and tell this man to his face. We think he’s earned the courtesy.



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