Meet Panda, the panda dog

Meet Panda, the panda dog

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13 Responses to Meet Panda, the panda dog

  1. CiriusTrio says:

    “what you lookin at, nigga?”

  2. mcalvin says:

    Just don’t try to take him to a clippers game.

  3. MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

    Where’s Dog, the dog panda?

  4. InvisibleCretinizer says:

    Some people are just so creative with pet names…

  5. ASDFsammich says:

    plot twist: Panda mated with dog…poor dog.

  6. feistEE says:

    A Border Collie! – My favorite breed 🙂

  7. Channel4NewsTeam says:

    I’ve been lied to

  8. mightysnipehunter says:

    “Meat” panda…

  9. saywell says:


  10. sockinshoe says:


  11. gi99lepunch says:

    Border Collie, i think…

  12. AprilHamLincon says:

    Why did you call him PANDA ?

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