Music festival in 90 degree weather wouldn't allow venders to sell beverages…

Music festival in 90 degree weather wouldn't allow venders to sell beverages...

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18 Responses to Music festival in 90 degree weather wouldn't allow venders to sell beverages…

  1. hodorhodorhodorhodorhodorhodorhodorhodor says:

    The rule was probably to encourage free water. This store is probably just greedy.

  2. thasel says:

    Yes, because they’ll shove the peanut down your stupid face /s

  3. usernaimunavailable says:

    Above all else, how is that immoral?

  4. jsd3306 says:

    No, immoral would be if they dragged you into the festival and took your water away.

  5. mentallyhandicappedlandwhale says:

    You’re right, thats SOO Ferguson.

  6. PotatoHamer says:

    Maybe because if someone throws a bottle he can really hurt someone. Of course, you can also just give out water bottles without the caps.

  7. Oxord says:

    Some guys would replace the water by vodka

  8. futurewords says:

    pfft that’s just capitalism. If you don’t like it, go to north korea.

  9. siguy3 says:

    Because its fucking MERICA

  10. ThePastmaster says:

    How? Beer is more water than alcohol? Or do they drink so much they vomit?

  11. CoconutCyclone says:

    Not really, as relates to beer. The loss of water that it causes is outbalanced by the water content in it.

  12. ThePastmaster says:

    Because it’s saturated with salt. >_<

  13. butteredbread says:

    It may be at those temperatures they cannot ensure the plastic isn’t leaching into the beverage so legally they would get in trouble.

  14. ThePastmaster says:

    I know alcohol has an adverse effect on headaches but it can hydrate you.

  15. ziIIah says:

    Right wingers will say this is obnoxious government interference in free enterprise. I’d prefer freedom from exploitation, thanks.

  16. ThePastmaster says:

    Key word: Alcohol. 4% alcohol in half a litre isn’t going to dehydrate you. And yeah, I worded my previous statement poorly.

  17. ThePastmaster says:

    I’m talking about beer specifically. Very little alcohol compared to the amount of water it holds.

  18. ThePastmaster says:

    I dunno about you but here the top you can get is 3,5% beer.

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