My big ole head is bigger than my body!

My big ole head is bigger than my body!

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17 Responses to My big ole head is bigger than my body!

  1. dmdubs says:

    them eyes O.O

  2. MedRed84 says:

    I JUST WANT TO PICK IT UP AND LOVE IT LIKE ITS A BABY…ONLY FURRIER…SQUEE! *hyperventilates and passes out* :3

  3. tattooannie says:

    awwwww its bobbly head

  4. parkeralan says:


  5. arsebiscuits1 says:

    Dem eyes

  6. TerryHesticles says:

    My 5 year old Frenchy girl Simone (named after the French lady from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure) is healthy as could be. I lucked out!

  7. onibackus says:

    Found the animal rights weirdo!!

  8. gobluegal says:

    I wanna hold him and kiss him…

  9. tellan says:

    Well I know they’ve got great personalities! But I can’t get around the fact about how they’ve been bred for appearance and not person :/

  10. Vanamonde says:

    Admit it: this isn’t your dog. It’s the new Pixar character.

  11. SoulBlackGuy says:

    Almost used this guy to entrap my next girlfriend, but then I remembered that with great puppy comes great pup-onsibility. Thanks uncle Ben.

  12. Jayermo says:

    Bevo lotti got more head than he got body

  13. brashcrandicoot says:

    boston terrier ftw, go Rhett!!!

  14. lunettasings says:


  15. tiger68 says:


  16. beammeupluke says:

    Dog by Tim Burton

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