Neil DeGrasse in his element.

Neil DeGrasse in his element.

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7 Responses to Neil DeGrasse in his element.

  1. IMakeLotsOfReferencesAndRemakes says:

    He has a lot more than one element.

  2. Theemayhew says:

    More like Neil DeGrasse in his REPOST

  3. theurbanshaman says:

    *shouldn’t (facepalm)

  4. Carrow says:

    Comment stealing time! “If you wish to make waffles from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”

  5. awesomesushiguy says:

    and the Avatar must learn to master them all

  6. funkiemonk says:


  7. obscuring says:

    Ew. It’s a repost. KILL IT BEFORE IT REPRODUCES.

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