Nicholas Cage movie plot generator

Nicholas Cage movie plot generator

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17 Responses to Nicholas Cage movie plot generator

  1. notReallyyeahReally says:

    The Nick of time, bitches!

  2. FascistDiglett says:

    I don’t know why everyone hates Nicholas Cage so much. I really like him.

  3. twelfthfantasy says:

    +1 for probably-unintentional Eddie Izzard reference

  4. buckmild says:

    Gonna go ahead and say Lord of War is one of my favorite movies

  5. TrombonerKing says:


  6. Glitchiness says:

    *Nic of time

  7. RorschachsJournal says:

    Con Air was a top film.

  8. DonutsDontWearAlligatorShoes says:
  9. YourVacuumCleanerJudgesYou says:

    I like a few of them but I find the rest are shit. It’s like John Cusack: So much potential back in the day, boring predictable shit now.

  10. SoapyTitWank says:

    Hates is the wrong word. We find him amusing. Also, seriously, have you seen the Wicker Man remake? Fucking ridiculous.

  11. iamdyslexicandbadatgrammariknow says:

    con air was really good. Later in his career shit was still good, i fucking loved national treasure.

  12. notReallyyeahReally says:


  13. notReallyyeahReally says:

    +1 for not spelling it wrong like I did – damn the pressure of no comments..

  14. notalawyer says:

    Face Off and Con Air. Your argument is invalid.

  15. rpggguy says:


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