No valentine? Just marry a stranger!

No valentine? Just marry a stranger!

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16 Responses to No valentine? Just marry a stranger!

  1. Sellofan says:

    That’s nice. I mean it.

  2. thedevilatemysquirrel says:

    That is hilarious.

  3. WaSurpOfArabia says:

    Jerome Jarre on Vine everyone

  4. NotTucker says:

    *taking notes*

  5. ZiKinster says:


  6. ImLukeSkywalkerImHereToRescueYou says:

    And she just takes it like a marriage seeking whore…

  7. ThePastmaster says:

    They should have a cop on stand by to arrest him if she says she’s already married.

  8. cldizzle says:

    That sure is a nice tux, will she get half of everything in the divorce?

  9. UnrealPie says:

    Now this is just perfect.

  10. TheSpaghettiStrangler says:

    Instructions unclear, married a gopher.

  11. amonkrunningamok says:

    but do you get to kiss her?

  12. Tesnor says:

    That is so clever, she looks so scared at first!

  13. adhominem says:

    It is actually that easy.

  14. fozzylyon says:

    [crying intensifies] I always hoped those two would get together.

  15. kinderGentlerAndMoreRandom says:

    How did he get the hoodie off so fast?

  16. pwittertated says:

    Holy crap, I didn’t even notice that

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