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9 Responses to Photobomb

  1. sevenate9 says:

    photobomb level : photoshop

  2. NateInc says:

    Who the hell was just taking a picture of a seagull in the first place?

  3. BornToRun says:


  4. BigGunn says:

    “OP’s mom is right behind me, isn’t she” – Bird

  5. fartsandcrafts says:


  6. GoThenThereAreOtherWorldsThanThese says:

    Whale oil beef hooked.

  7. FoolmeJuans says:

    Unless the whale held that positions for 15+ seconds before the picture was taken there is no way this is real.

  8. Satinsball says:

    I speak whale, *muffled* “HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLWWWOOOOWWWOOOO!” Let’s see if he responds

  9. lurin says:

    “hey Derek i’m the biggest thing on earth apart from you moms vag” . “Fuck you Dan”

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