Powerful Backstage Photos Of Ballet Dancers Through Eyes Of Russian Ballerina

St. Petersburg is an all-kind-of-arts city. And, first of all, it is a city of Russian Ballet Heritage. Here lives an extremely talented person Russian ballet photographer, “Soul in Feet” project founder and professional ballerina Darian Volkova.

“Giving people an opportunity to see ballet through ballerina’s eyes – that’s what I do. As a viewer, you can see just one side of ballet, the world of beauty and lightness but ballet is more than world – it’s the universe.” As ballerina Darian often travels around the world with her company, and as ballet photographer she doesn’t forget to take photos during tours. Darian has shot in the theaters from Russia to Iceland.

“My last destination was France. It was unforgettable! I always enjoy it, I mean to work with dancers from another country. They have different ballet school but we are still soulmates.”

At home Darian shoots prima ballerinas of Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky and other theaters. She likes one-to-one shooting. It’s maybe similar with myth about Pygmalion and Galatea she’s kind of a sculptor, and dancer is her creation she tries to make alive.

More info: darianvolkova.com | Facebook | Instagram

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