Priorities: Detroit’s City Council calls for investigation of Zimmerman!/Doc_0/status/360085546564993024

We were going to suggest that this is the Detroit City Council’s way of pointing and yelling “squirrel,” except it wouldn’t be remotely believable because all of the squirrels moved out several years ago.

Believe it or not, having just become the country’s largest municipal bankruptcy in history and with no other more pressing issues at hand, the Detroit City Council passed a resolution calling for a federal investigation of George Zimmerman.!/590KZONews/status/360182008556683264

For many Twitter users, this only helps further explain what’s happened to Detroit, and why:!/michaeljohns/status/360133227932958720!/wattsjim/status/360148303020687360!/Brumbarger/status/360176343650025473

A final question for a city with billions and billions in debt in regards to their call for a federal investigation of George Zimmerman:!/TabithaHale/status/360109257401700352

Sure, just add it to Detroit’s tab.

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