Proof that my mother is awesome

Proof that my mother is awesome

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13 Responses to Proof that my mother is awesome

  1. hillpill92 says:

    That banner

  2. somethingaboutTV says:

    Mr. Rodgers’ welcome mat.

  3. lookatthatfatkid says:

    Is…is it safe to comment here?

  4. imobnoxious says:

    Ma knitter.

  5. whycanttheenglishlearntospeak says:

    I enjoy the squirrels holding the gun banner

  6. yepper says:

    Woahhhhh watch that “hard r”

  7. TheWulfrunian says:

    A fabulous, fabulous gangster.

  8. greatscreenname says:

    Can’t use the “K” work anymore.

  9. greatscreenname says:

    She steal this?

  10. junkist says:

    Fuck yeah. Getto Boys.

  11. internalin says:

    The squirrels make it.

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