Putting your face in the hands of physics

Putting your face in the hands of physics

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/tnbeKr0

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20 Responses to Putting your face in the hands of physics

  1. Pegussu says:

    He didn’t do it near his testicles because you don’t wanna lose your boys to a physics mystery.

  2. GoddammitMrNoodle says:

    If he really believed…. he would have opened his eyes!

  3. yarir says:

    Instincts tell you to move when it’s near you, not to shake when the ball isn’t even coming 😛

  4. hahathatisfunny says:

    i thought he’d shit his pants for sure

  5. yarir says:

    I would let a doctor check them, in that case.

  6. HeyCasButt says:

    We were allowed to volunteer to try it and it was actually fairly easy to do it without flinching.

  7. Ohhhlookaunicorneatingasamuria says:


  8. thescarydude says:

    One from a religious school.

  9. acme64 says:

    its…it’s not bullshit tho…

  10. garthhh says:

    You deserve all the upvotes.

  11. thescarydude says:

    I’m waiting for my upvote, I don’t have all day.

  12. garthhh says:

    You have mine to offset the downvote someone unfortunately bestowed upon you.

  13. thescarydude says:

    I see.

  14. WilhelmvonSchlapphand says:

    Of the times my logic were fucked up with my instinct I got hurt every time. (I live on a farm and thinking is important to avoid injury.)

  15. jvjanisse says:

    physics has nothing to do with this. If anything it would be psychology.

  16. Akkarr says:

    It’s a physics demonstration to show confidence… doesn’t quite work when the demonstrator flinches.

  17. DarthBrawn says:

    Just fuck off

  18. hsalceht says:

    1:59 am..dumbest thing ive read today. will check back in to see if it remains at 11:59pm

  19. YouAreAllMorons says:


  20. yarir says:

    LMAO dude it was a joke

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