R.I.P. Journalism

R.I.P. Journalism

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17 Responses to R.I.P. Journalism

  1. Dellenisse says:

    “News”? More like “what the fudge do I care?”

  2. sunnylena says:

    But… but… this isn’t the obit section… How do you know?!?

  3. procrastinationstation says:

    Sorry, but journalism died several years back. When exactly did the Kardashians start?

  4. iliketurtlez says:

    I don’t care about any of these things. But look!! Green! That’s my favorite color!

  5. vitalsigns says:

    Couch. C-O-U-R… arrrre you going to the mall later?

  6. LOTNorm says:

    I know! How will journalism survive if Katy Perry doesn’t always know what Russell Brand is doing?

  7. PeanutBuddha says:

    I totally thought: ‘That’s a bullshit phone number’ at first until I realised it was years.

  8. RoswellM says:

    I tend to not judge an entire profession/genre/practice, etc. by the worst examples, but by the best.


    Journalisms not dead, don’t be dumb. Stupid journalism has just become more powerful.

  10. SonnyWho1972 says:


  11. LangdonAlger says:

    Journalism isn’t dead, it’s just that anyone can act like a journalist now. But there are still many hardworking, true journalists out there

  12. notasrelevant says:

    You’re judging journalism based on hollywoodreporter.com? Really? Did you expect to find Pulitzer prize material there?

  13. Dreamare says:

    Go on an actual news site. There’s not a single difference.

  14. notasrelevant says:

    It’s The Hollywood Reporter. The best we could ask of them is for relevant stories about upcoming movies introducing new actors/actresses.

  15. thechalange says:

    I’m willing to wager that journalism wasn’t doing too hot through a majority of those years…

  16. Radey says:

    Man, I’m about to waste four years on a bachelors degree for nothing!? balls.

  17. kidicarus2112 says:

    I don’t think this is fair. Journalism is just like music, film, and art. The good stuffs out there, you just gotta look a bit.

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