Rep. Steve Cohen dodges paternity question by telling reporter she’s attractive!/elisefoley/status/357929822426632193

Earlier this year, Tennessee Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen found himself in the hot seat after sending creepy flirty tweets to a college co-ed. Cohen subsequently claimed that the young woman was, in fact, his illegitimate daughter.

But, well, in a Maury Povich-worthy twist, a paternity test has reportedly revealed that Cohen’s loins played no role in the woman’s conception.!/HowardKurtz/status/357905239023685633!/HowardKurtz/status/357905534541758464

That’s awkward enough. But Cohen managed to make it worse:!/CHueyBurnsRCP/status/357928235796926464

Shudder. Shudder.!/RepUnderwoodSC/status/357929076675190785!/TheFix/status/357934826466193408!/lachlan/status/357931126716764161!/Brook_H/status/357932213947465729

Well, at least Cohen’s remark wasn’t as cringetastic as it could have been:!/ChrisatPTS/status/357929115715772416


Rep. Cohen did apologize:!/CHueyBurnsRCP/status/357931316588720129

But, well, his reputation precedes him.!/johntomasic/status/357932660099788800


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