RIP John Servati

RIP John Servati

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16 Responses to RIP John Servati

  1. DerpyNewYorker says:

    You did a number on my feels.

  2. kcrobble says:

    In context, it is a bit crass but I dislike imgur posts about cancer babies and dead firemen brothers. Personal failing. Love the GIF too

  3. iALWAYSdownvoteRHM says:

    I hate reposts of red-heads on Mondays, we all have our Lost Causes. I respect the commitment.

  4. UnstoppableProductions says:

    +1 for this guy. may he RIP. this is what every man should strive to be.

  5. Therobotdevil says:

    you’re quite an asshole. But I do like the gif.

  6. badwiffcomputer says:

    Wow, that’s heavy.

  7. willowtree88 says:

    It’s true that the good die young, I just wish this man could have made it a bit longer as he is amazing example to us all.

  8. badwiffcomputer says:

    Oh god, what have I done.

  9. Supacoop says:

    of the approximate 150,000 people who die every day, yep that sucks.

  10. Therobotdevil says:

    you are absolutely right.

  11. armedpacifist says:

    He died in a selfless act. That’s the difference.

  12. armedpacifist says:

    Roll Tide…

  13. kcrobble says:

    Anybody else having a Scarlet Letter moment?

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