She’s not my mom! Twitter passes on chance to sign Mom-in-Chief’s card

The Democrats will use just about any occasion to harvest email addresses — sometimes it’s in the form of a petition, and other times it’s disguised as a greeting card. We’re not sure if someone forgot it was Mother’s Day and ran out of time to come up with a note, or if they just don’t care anymore and don’t care who knows it. What kind of “card” is this?


In any case, if Barack Obama is like the “dad of the country,” that makes Michelle everybody’s mom, right? She does try to tell us all what to eat, after all. But Mom-in-Chief?

Please join me and wish our “Mom-in-Chief” a happy #MothersDay:…

— D Wasserman Schultz (@DWStweets) May 11, 2013

.@dwstweets Michelle Obama tells us how to live in between multi-million dollar vacations and constant parties. How inspirational!

— Melvin Udall (@Melvin_Udall_) May 11, 2013

@dwstweets this is downright strange. I tried to think of a witty retort to this whole thing but I’m just speechless. Weird.

— TheAntiLib (@TheAntiLib73) May 11, 2013

@dwstweets put down the Teen Beat and grow up.

— elana (@elana13) May 11, 2013

@dwstweets You really take being a sycophant to a new level

— Bilford Wrimley (@Bilford_Wrimley) May 11, 2013

@dwstweets @gopfashionista Haha! She’s not my Mom! And it does not take a village!

— Pam McQuillen (@PamMcQuillen) May 11, 2013

she not my mom MT “@dwstweets: As a mom, I’ve been inspired by Michelle If you’ve been too, sign this card for her:…

— mooshakins (@mooshakins) May 11, 2013

@dwstweets @katearthsis Why would I send the First Lady a Mother’s Day card? She’s not my mom…. #makesnosense

— Jennifer (@LouBiggs) May 11, 2013

Pass. RT“@dwstweets: As a mom, I’ve been inspired by Michelle Obama. If you’ve been too, sign this card for her:… …”

— bradcundiff (@bradcundiff) May 11, 2013

@dwstweets @gopfashionista Unless its a going away card, I’m not interested

— The Deacon(@BullTaco250) May 11, 2013

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